Utter nonsense and rubbish

Dear Editor,

Re: Customary lands, heritage and freedom of speech

In summary and taken as a whole, why have the Matai system if people don’t trust their own in the traditional sense?

That is what really comes down to or at least that is what you are alluding to.

Do you really think people are stupid to not question the validity and the possibility of their options to prosper and grow from this opportunity? 

Are you a fool to cite all this and then turn around and sign your name “Karl Marx” as to suggest that he is synonymous with “For the People”. 

The wolves cry fowl and claws are being sharpened behind the scenes of self-righteous. 

Last I checked, Karl Marx was Jewish, a convert to Protestantism, white and of German descent. 

You espouse Marxism/Socialism ideals, and others espouse capitalism. Both systems were invented by the “white man”. 

Why the hypocrisy? 

Do you think the brown man is incapable of working either system, and still come out ahead or would he suffer a fool’s death because the “Powers at Be” (white man in this case) enslaved him into oblivion? 

Utter nonsense and rubbish.

What would you suggest for Samoa to grow the economic landscape? 

It certainly won’t grow and prosper under Marxism/Socialism -------the very guy you are “head over heels” about.


Malia Muagututia-Herz

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