How it works in the H.R.P.P

Dear Editor,

Steve, graduate of Primer 1, we meet again. I am happy to educate you further. 

Of course the H.R.P.P. write new laws to put their agenda into action. That is the whole point of being the government dumbo. 

The system works like this - the people vote in the government to put their ideas into action. They have the full power to do so because the people voted for them to do so. A government that does nothing for 5 years is a waste of time. 

They are getting paid for doing nothing.

Legally, in a parliamentary system, a government that cannot pass its own budget will fall. 

New elections are called and the people must vote in another government to govern. In a presidential system, a government that cannot pass its budget will meet gridlock if the other party controls the American parliament (congress). 

Therefore, nothing happens for years and those politicians just get paid to do nothing. That is good for a developed country but not good for a developing country which needs to action and flexibility, not years of obstruction and backroom deals.

Anyway, he doesn’t write new laws all by himself. He has 11 other members of Cabinet to confer with and it is those ministers that usually author bills from their ministries.

There are also 47 other members of the HRPP and caucus members who vote and have their input in the powerful parliamentary committees, the public through public consultation have their say, and 50 MPs in parliament who all have their say in the laws. 

Many H.R.P.P members openly voice opposition and criticise ministers all the time in parliament. Much more than other parliamentary systems.


PS Jeffrey 

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