What sex scandal are you talking about?

Dear Editor,

For God’s sake, stop being cynical ! You must be a lonely person!

Not even one per cent of the total population of Catholics in any country is affected  vis s vis to the sex scandal you mentioned on the paper,  which appears to be a Catholic  mortal and global sin.  

How about government and public institutions and many others, which are so far suppressed because of fear of publication?  How about the majority of the families which incestuous sins are not revealed.  

But why attack one portion of the population but neglecting the  suppressed  scandals within the majority?  The Catholic tiny Church has been quite open and at the same time crucified by the public(mainly to make money) because of the mistakes of a few.  

And the whole world has been housed and  loved  through  the many and tireless works of catholic  charitable Institutions .  

Mr. Patrick have you spare 50sene for a homeless person?  If you do, then you are a wise person!  And if you keep doing that, then, soon you will be canonized and I would love to be a bar tender at your party.  

 Fair enough,  it’s the nature of the beast to make mistakes.  They have been paying the price and they have been recovered(less than 0.1%of the total catholic population).  My Samoan nature accepts the reality that “we are forgiving people”  But alas! 

To the papalagi ‘s mentality that money comes first without any forgiveness ever, ever..  And  you the Canadian writer,  Mr Patrick and honorable name of a Saint try to convert the minds of the Samoans.?  

Why not try to do that in Canada?  I suppose with your funny opinions you might be held a suspect  by your own people. By the way Jesus was never a westerner in fact, he was an Asian Minor in other words, he was Samoan so faaekeke o le kama o le kupu. 


Jimmy Viliamu

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