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By Aruna Lolani 25 August 2017, 12:00AM

Changes happen but it doesn’t mean we should forget what matters to Samoa.

So says Va’ivasa Perez of Leauva’a. She was reflecting on the current state of affairs in Samoa with the rising number of crimes.

The 67-year-old stays with her children and grandchildren.

Speaking to the Village Voice, she pointed out some of the issues we should be concerned about.

“Every week there’s always a crime, there’s always someone being reported by the media that they have done something bad.

“Our country is known to be one of the most religious countries that I know because we are founded on God, but I also understand that this life is not perfect and eventually bad things happen.

“We are now in time where it’s hard to avoid things like these from happening because this is how the world works and I believe the cause of everything happening now starts from how somebody truly feels inside.

“Whether you’re happy or mad about something; your emotions determine how you are going to act towards a particular situation and mind you, everyone is different and they all react differently to everything that happens in this lifetime.

“And for me, with these situations, the only answer is God because nobody can help you change the way you feel but him.

“We are a Christian country after all so we can try and work to make things better for our own families and for own country.”

Va’ivasa also advised the government to not bring in any more Chinese businesses.

“I’m a positive person I tell you, and I honestly don’t have anything against the Chinese because in other ways, they are one of the countries who are always helping Samoa in terms of employments and our cost of living.

“But as a Samoan woman, I care more about the future of our country than this which is why I think the government should put an end to any more new foreign businesses being set up on our lands.

“The number of Chinese and other foreign businesses we have now is enough, and we don’t need more because our country is already struggling to look for lands whereas most of them have been bought by people that are not even citizens of Samoa.

“Just think about it; if people from outside countries end up taking everything that belongs to us; our lands, our businesses, then what exactly is left for Samoa?”

By Aruna Lolani 25 August 2017, 12:00AM

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