Cool as a Corpse

Think a minute…I recently read about a teenage boy who was found hanging from a tree. Next to the tree was a suicide note he had written to his parents. He said: “I’ve never felt like a real person with real worth.

What hurts most is that I don’t have any real relationships with my family or friends. Please don’t spend money on a casket to bury me in.”

Tragically, that teenager’s parents never even showed up to claim their son! He was buried with no name, family, or funeral.  

Probably the worst thing about this horrible true story is that it happens far too often. More young people than ever are feeling they have no hope for happiness, so why not just end their life and pain? Besides, who cares? 

Some kids even believe the lie that killing yourself is cool and courageous. They see other kids do it and think it is the quick, easy way to become a hero or to get revenge on their parents and family.

They see those who have taken their own lives and were then terribly missed and mourned by their family and friends.

Even some love songs talk about suicide, so young people think it is a way to show the world how brave and tough they are—to die on their own terms their own way. 

But in fact, it is just the opposite. When you do that you are not doing things your own way. You are simply surrendering to peer pressure, instead of standing up on your own and living your own life. It takes a real hero to have the strength to think for himself and face real life with its problems and pressures, not run away from it and take the easy way out.

You may think you are leaving your problems and pain, but it has only just begun! You thought your life was “Hell on earth”, but after you kill yourself, you will live with the real thing! And you will give anything to have your life here on earth back again—but it will be too late! As Jesus Himself emphatically warns and teaches us, we can never come back! 

Please listen: Do not ever take your own life! There is someone you can always go to who can give you the real hope you need and want. He knows you and understands what you are feeling even better than you yourself do.

So right now, won’t you ask Jesus to take total control of your life? He can give you the help and power you need to live a full life with real love, friends, and a future worth living for. Just think a minute…

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