“Marriage Builders”

Think a minute…Someone said, “Getting married is like building a house—the stronger the foundation, the stronger the marriage.” But if the foundation is weak, it won’t take much to bring that marriage down. So what do we need to build a strong foundation for a satisfying marriage that will last our lifetime together?

Number one:  When we get married we must grow up and stop depending on our mother and father. This does not mean we dump them or cut off our relationship with our parents. But we must stop depending on them—emotionally and financially.

This also means that as parents, the best wedding gift we can give our kids is to cut those unhealthy, over-dependent ties with our adult, married children. Let them make their own decisions and solve their own problems. Hands off!

Number two:  Separating or divorcing can never be an option—no matter how big our differences and disagreements. During World War II, Sir Winston Churchill refused to give in to Hitler’s Nazis. Churchill said, “Wars are not won by escaping!”  So friend, divorce is not the answer to your problems.

Number three:  You must become “one” with your wife or husband. Two different people from different families and backgrounds cannot become one overnight. It’s a lifelong process and adventure of accepting, forgiving, changing, communicating and growing together daily. It’s choosing your spouse every day!

Finally, number four:  Show your love to your wife or husband intimately and passionately. When your marriage has the first three ingredients, then physical closeness is exciting and special for both partners. A famous actor said:  “A great lover is someone who can satisfy his wife all her life, and can himself be satisfied by one woman all his life. Any dog can go through many partners.”


Think a Minute…

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