Opinions. They are wretched things. World is full of them.

By Lumepa Hald 17 December 2018, 12:00AM

It’s late night. Three a.m. Times like these are sacred. 

Except for the swirling fan, the sound of rain and darkness outside is revolving. 

A time of purity. Thoughts linger but they return unaffected by the silence of opinions. Opinions. 

They are wretched things. The world is full of them. 

But I ponder objectively and with detachment. Three a.m. is meditative too. The irony of death rests here. Undisputed. Because death like life, begins everything. It also changes everything 

The world is dying. You know as much as I that justice is for the courts but to live according to moral principles, we have to lead by example to rescue the next generation. What a challenge for each of us. What a task. In a world where leaders are flawed, we are to accept that our fate is in our faithfulness, patience, understanding and love. Anything less is careless. Lesser than that is destructive. 

But we have the environment to vie for. While we are busy seeking justice for all things, that which is our home is suffering due to all our heartache and self inflicted perils. One man cannot save the world in this regard. The whole planet must be wary enough to stir a lot of passion towards fixing our own planet. Why does it take tragedies to change us?

The earth shattering. Floods. Fires. 

Displaced people and cultures uprooted. Sounds like the biting ocean of sea walls and the whirling winds of cyclones tearing roofs from homes. But there’s a strangeness. Poor and rich are not  different to these tragedies They all lose out. 

They are left naked with their common emotions. Loneliness starts to look lame. Seems everyone is connected by their humanity. Is that what the earth is trying to say?

Well, loneliness is good for one thing. It makes us journey within. When that is done well,  we understand the meaning of this life. And we aspire to doing better than yesterday. Humans are not stagnant. Stones are.

To fill this rag with tears is to be fully arisen like the sun behind rain clouds. 

I am anticipating prayers of angels for you and I as I contemplate a better world. Who knows the promise of true love for all things and its secrets. 

Our duty as humans is to live out this life truthfully. 

My three a.m. benefits me therefore. I wish for you a blessed journey too.

By Lumepa Hald 17 December 2018, 12:00AM

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