So much to do in Samoa yet so little time

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 25 August 2017, 12:00AM

Amy and Scott of Hamilton New Zealand looked a little lost coming off the seawall. 

They were heading towards the S.T.A Information Centre to get their bearings when Dear Tourist met them. 

The couple had been staying at the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Beach Resort. 

They spent the first three days doing the “resort thing”, enjoying the swimming facilities at the Sheraton and yesterday was their first day venturing out into the rest of Samoa. 

 “I really like it, everyone’s been really friendly,” Amy said. 

“It’s actually our first day looking around and we just plan on having a wander.” Scott added, “We just started our sightseeing and from what we’ve seen we’ve been impressed and we’re excited to see more.”

The couple came to Samoa on a recommendation and also to get some much needed vitamin D which for one half of the pair was a little too much sun.

“One of my girlfriends came here before and she loved it and recommended it,” said Amy. 

“We’re just here to relax and have a wander and a look around. That’s it really. We live in Hamilton and it’s cold and freezing there. The warmth here is so good… so good! And I got burnt straight away because my skin hasn’t see the sun in so long.” 

Scott went on to add: “We just wanted to come somewhere else that we’ve never been before, it came highly recommended from our friends so we decided to come here.”

The couple have enjoyed their much needed relaxing break but they did have one complaint.

“The only thing we’ve had a problem with here is that we should have stayed here longer so we’ll probably come back next year and do a bit more. 

“You want a few days to chill and relax and do the resort thing but I also want to be able to get around both islands. But we just ran out of time. 

“We worked out pretty quick that we needed at least two weeks to get out to both islands so we should have come for longer.”

Scott agreed with Amy and he has some advice for those planning to visit Samoa for the first time,

 “I agree with Amy, make sure you have enough time to see everything that you want to see and do here. We’ve had a good break but it’s not long enough.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 25 August 2017, 12:00AM
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