Everyone deserves a rest

Re: Samoa is a Christian state. 

Oh no. Don’t say that. This is the slippery slope to fear. 

When they start passing laws that favor the Christians and oppress those who are not Christian. This is the problem with making Samoa a Christian country under the constitution. 

I’m not in disagreement that there should be a day where heavy construction is limited due to everyone deserves a day of peace and quiet. I’m not a Christian but I like having a day each week that is quiet and peaceful and that I don’t have to listen to building and trucks and this type of thing going on. 

I want a peaceful day of rest too. I just don’t think it should be a Christian law that is passed to support this. This should just be a secular human law and if it happens to be the quiet day is on Sunday, which also works for Christians great, but people should not be forced to live Christian laws if they are not Christian.

We are not all Christian but we are all human and we all deserve peace one day a week.

If you start making it about religion then what about Saturday for 7th day Adventists, Friday for Jews. Etc, etc.

Leave religion out of it please, it’s just a good idea. In fact, those Chinese labourers might like it that they are not forced to work on Sunday by their bosses too. They might like a day off too.



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