The Climate change phenomenon

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. schools Trump on climate change 

This Climate Change phenomenon is so polluted. So many view points. The most popular solution to this so-called problem requires human sacrifices. People are being forced into hunger to keep earth green.

I have a question to all the people that participate on this forum.

Will you sacrifice your children in the name of Climate Change? Who will inherit earth if people no longer exist in it? Will you let your child go hungry if you are offered job that may contribute to negative impact to Climate Change? I think most of us would say “NO” to letting our children go hungry.

Most of civilized industrial country have built safer energy producing factory in years. They built secondary containment to capture any toxic contaminants from an explosion or spill. They engineer and built in filtration exhaust system before it releases into the atmosphere to minimize pollution in the air.

The U.S. have been the leader and continue to be part of limiting carbon footprint into the atmosphere regardless of what the president says.

People need to read the order in its full detail and not comment on the headlines or the title of the order.

The P.M’s criticism of the P.O.T.U.S, is like me trying to setup a meeting with Putin. Putin never heard of me. But what he could do is call the previous P.O.T.U.S. and asked why he reversed the order by George W. Bush for the U.S to clean up all the mine field along with any remnants inland of all South Pacific Island Nations, and from any warships during all the wars in the past, that are currently sitting at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean. 

Bush signed the $60 million South Pacific clean up bill while he was in office. The P.M. was too busy with his photo ops with Obama during all the so-called World Climate initiative with U.N. He never once asked about the clean up bill during his speeches.

Instead of making idiotic proclamations Mr. P.M., as you always do, why not ask the U.S. and E.U. to help keep fishing boats from China and Japan off of our water. Ask Samoan fisherman to release all small size fish back to the ocean when using nets.

Start enforcing some of the laws Mr. P.M, and stop blaming others. Perhaps you’re waiting for Trump to line your pocket with a $5. We all know how willing you are to sell our people for a sene.


Dallas T.

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