Expect the best

Think a minute…A famous professor from Harvard University did a study in a primary school. At the beginning of the school year the teachers were given the names of 5 children. The teachers were told that these 5 were the best students in the class. But the fact was that these students were only average. Well, guess what?  By the end of the year all 5 average students scored among the highest in the class. They even gained 15-30 I.Q. points!

So what made those average students change so much to become top students?   The only difference was the change in the teachers’ attitudes. Since the teachers believed that these 5 kids were the top students, they expected more from them and treated them with more respect. So these 5 average students began to believe and expect more from themselves, just by the way the teachers viewed and treated them.

You know, if you expect the best from people, they’ll usually want to give you their best. A great leader said:  “Treat a person just how he appears to be on the outside, and you’ll make him even worse. But treat a person like he’s already a success, and you’ll help make him the best he can be.”

It reminds me of the true story of 7-year-old Johnny. His school teacher got so tired of him one day she said:  “Johnny, you’re the naughtiest boy in this class! Besides that, you’re the dumbest!”  The next year Johnny had a different teacher. After the first day of class, his new teacher met with him. She said:  “Johnny, I’ve heard a lot about you!”  Then she smiled and said to him:  “But I don’t believe a word of it!”  From the beginning, Johnny’s new teacher treated him as if he was one of the smartest, best behaved students. Well, you guessed it. After just a few months, Johnny became one of the top students in that class. Later on he was made a school prefect and leader!

That’s the power of our love, belief, and encouraging attitude toward our children.  You see, that’s how God loves and believes in you and the abilities He gave you. So won’t you ask Jesus Christ to take charge of your life today, and every day of your life? He’s the One Who will help you become your best. He’ll also help you to love and expect the best from others.   Just Think a Minute…

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