Hard habit to break

Think a minute…Are you in the habit of putting salt on your food? Maybe you have a habit of thinking you’re not smart and that you’ll never succeed in life. Don’t forget, your habits control your life.

What we keep doing every day becomes our life! As the saying goes: “Plant your thought and you’ll reap your action. Plant your action and you’ll reap your habit. Plant your habit and you’ll reap your life.”

After awhile, our habits become such a part of us that we don’t even notice when we’re doing anything wrong. So we end up doing wrong things naturally, whether it’s lying, cheating and stealing, gossiping about others, getting drunk, being lazy, or whatever our bad habits are.

But the great news is that you can break your bad habits and change your life! You see, just like you learned your old bad habits, you can learn new ones—if you really want to. And, if you get the help and power you need.

Did you know that to get to the moon it takes more power for that rocket to lift off and break away from the earth’s pull of gravity than all the power it needs to travel to the moon and back to earth—half a million miles! That’s how strong the earth’s pull of gravity is. You see, our bad habits pull us down like gravity. So breaking and changing those bad habits is not always easy.

But Jesus Christ has the power you need so you finally can lift off and start breaking away from those wrong habits. It’s only then you’ll be free to learn new, good habits, such as always being honest, speaking positively about others, enjoying more time getting close to your family members, always doing your best work on the job, reading the Bible and talking to Jesus every day, and getting involved in a church that teaches the truth from the Bible about Jesus, God the Son. These good habits and many others will enable you to live a happy, successful life.

It’s up to you. Remember, if you don’t start to change the wrong habits in your life today, your life will likely never change. So when you die, you’ll still be living the way you are right now.

Today, why not ask Jesus to forgive you for your old wrong habits and way of living? Then ask Him to give you His power to start living His right, successful way with your new good habits. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just Think a Minute…

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