When will our people wake up?

Dear Editor

Re: Acting P.M. on Pacific Blue 

Thank you Maua for deciphering the illegal scheme this govt. has perpetrated on the Samoan people. 

There is no question whatsoever of the magnitude of deception orchestrated to undermine the removal of our customary land and denying future generations their rights to their family land. 

We are slowly seeing the subtle changes that are coming, and little by little before most of our people wake up it’s over. 

Perpetual taxation on a yearly basis will introduce to our people to pay taxes on our own land to pay for the money the government loaned for infrastructures we don’t really need. 

We’ve seen more and more embassies from all over the world are set up in Samoa to capitalize on this emerging growth at the expense of our land. 

The jobs we’re getting is slave jobs in exchange for the most important asset any country may have is fixed assets our land and also in exchange for their fiat currency that is worth nothing. 

One day I hope that the majority of our people will wake up and see this injustice and do something about it and hopefully it’s not too late.


Samoa Observer

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