Act of kindness brings Swede to Samoa

By Talaia Mika 15 November 2018, 12:00AM

A simple act of kindness 15 years ago has brought a Swedish tourist to the shores of Samoa.

Tomas Nilsson told Dear Tourist yesterday that it was his first visit to the country. 

But he would not have travelled to the Pacific from Europe, if it was not for an incident 15 years ago when he was working in Sweden.

He went to the assistance of a man in his office and later found out that he was from Samoa.

“When I helped this man at work, I found out he was from Samoa so I thought to myself, where is Samoa at?

“So I searched for Samoa on the Internet and always thought since then that I should go there, if ever I have the right time.

“And now here I am in Samoa, enjoying around the warm weather,” he said.

Samoa’s warm and humid temperature has been a revelation for the Swedish man, but it is not just the climate that Tomas is interested in. 

“Sweden is also Christian but Samoa is more Christian than Sweden where I’m from and it’s the first thing I’ve learnt about Samoan culture,” he said.

Tomas said he loves the fact that Samoa has a very strong religious culture. 

Having no family back home in Sweden, he said he is in Samoa on a five-day vacation and intends to make the best of his short stay. 

“I want to go to the beaches and learn about all those Samoan activities, and every other thing about Samoa like going to the museum and all those stuff.”

Tomas also plans to travel to the south-eastern side of Upolu to check out the beaches, sleep in a beach fale and discover new things. 

And being used to travelling alone on vacations, he said this has enabled him to meet and converse with different people, as well as meet a few Samoans who have been friendly and easy to talk to.

By Talaia Mika 15 November 2018, 12:00AM

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