I cannot believe you, Mr. P.M.!

Dear Editor,


Re: P.M. denies claims 

Mr. P.M., you are in serious need of a reality check, badly!

To compare these kids to “pua’a” is beyond irresponsible and demeaning. 

You’re the damn leader. Instead of making demeaning statements, why don’t you look at your ministers and find out why these children continue to be out on the streets instead of school? 

It’s obvious someone is not doing their job in curtailing the problem. 

But perhaps you’re not addressing the root problem, which is poverty and not the mother enticing her child with ice cream.

As long as you deny there is poverty in Samoa, you will never stem this problem, no matter how much you police it.

Your false claims of blaming the parents and children are weak. Your policies have failed these people miserably and your reckless and irresponsible leadership is a result of what you’re trying to sweep under the rug and continue to slander.

As a Samoan, you should make every attempt to educate each and every child in Samoa so you can proudly tout that achievement to the world, your country is a #1 in education and your people are taken cared of....

But, it’s obvious you don’t care, it’s evident in how you enrich yourself and your cronies and throw crumbs to the rest of Samoa.

You talk down to the poor of Samoa. You don’t give a damn about the children of Samoa. You don’t give a damn about the people - only when appropriate, to get you and your party back in office.

You need to go. Now.

From the way you speak of people, I’m certain you’ve removed yourself from God and his teachings, so let me remind you, sir....Jesus said, “”Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”- Matthew 19:24.

Your girth speaks volume (I mean that with every pun in the world), you should check yourself out, because I think you’ve been imbibing on too much ice cream...you might want to consider sharing it with the children on the streets, maybe we’ll have less out there peddling...problem solved!


Stella M.

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