Lucky You (Part II)

Think a minute…An army general was asked what kind of good-luck charms he carries when he goes to war. The general answered:  “I don’t carry a lucky charm on my body. I carry it in my heart.” In other words, he was saying it is not luck but his character, choices and true beliefs in his heart that guide and protect him.

We talked yesterday about the principles for building our success and satisfaction that lasts.  

The second secret of successful people is that they learn to control their feelings of fear, insecurity, pride, anger, envy, greed, etc. Controlling our unhealthy, destructive emotions gives us greater confidence, and makes us more positive and peaceful with other people. We must learn to master our moods, or they will master us and ruin our life and relationships.  

The third secret of successful people is they know that they cannot change their life by sitting at home. You have to get out with people and start living with enthusiasm and a passion to grow better and bigger in your heart and way of living. Be ready and open to new people and opportunities.

Also be prepared to make mistakes. That is the only way we can learn new skills and get more out of life. Some of our greatest opportunities for success will come from our mistakes that in the end can become surprise blessings, if we choose to learn from them. 

The fourth secret of successful people is that they do not compare their life with the lives of others, because they know there will always be people who have certain abilities and experiences that they do not. Even though you must stay focused on your own life’s purpose and goals, you can learn from other people’s successes and mistakes. 

The final secret of successful people is they choose to see the good in their life and be thankful for it, even when bad things happen to them. Karen Minahan, the woman we talked about yesterday who was hit by a car and lost her leg, says she kept a diary.

Every day she wrote down five good things that happened to her that day. She explains that this habit reminded her of how blessed she always was. She says:  “I decided to meet and forgive the driver whose car hit me. I had to let go of my painful past so I could move forward to reach my life of success and happiness.”  

We all have past wrongs for which we need to ask Jesus to forgive us. Then, if you ask Him to lead and rule your heart so you start living His way, you can know that God Himself is on your side. Jesus will be working in you every day to make your life the successful, satisfying one He created you to have. Just think a minute…

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