Government should focus on fixing problems

Dear Editor,

I think Moe Lei Sam should’ve been the Prime Minister of this nation paradise, Samoa. She spoke with compassion for the people and advocated on behalf of the people. She has so much knowledge of what’s happening in this country. 

She should’ve run for the elections too as she will also make a much better M.P. than most of the incompetent and inept in Parliament today. 

Since we no longer have an Opposition to government, Samoa has become a One Party Nation, which is the first in any democratic country.

So who is keeping an eye on this government and holding them accountable for their actions and question their transparency? No one, except for the people themselves especially the outspoken like Ms. Lei Sam.

Everything she said about P.M. Tuilaepa and all others in government, most Samoans agree with. People like her have courage to speak out because her family has served this country for many, many years. 

What she said about the hospital that it should be called a morgue (faleoti) instead is absolutely true because people are dying in this hospital unnecessarily from too many mysterious deaths. 

P.M. Tuilaepa should fix the problem instead of playing with people’s lives.

Ms. Lei Sam also said that P.M. Tuilaepa is ignorant because he’s got the people’s money to do whatever he wants and whenever he gets a sore toe or a sore ear (or can’t get it up), he flies first class to hospitals overseas to have it seen to by specialists and gets top shelf prescriptions for himself.

This medical first class service is not limited to just him and his family but is extended also to H.R.P.P MPs and Govt. C.E.Os, their families as well as their business associates.

So the money in the budget for overseas medical treatment is not to send 

the sick, the poor and the weak overseas for treatment but is really for P.M.Tuilaepa and his goons.

But here’s a question for P.M. Tuilaepa, ‘If you P.M. Tuilaepa know yourself that the Health Service here in Samoa is not good enough to treat you and your little sores, what makes you think it’s good enough for the people of this nation? 

If you cannot trust the Health Service with your own life under your very own leadership, how can you expect the people of this nation to trust it with their lives?”

Ms. Lei Sam also questioned where the Minister of Health, Dr Tuitama was. 

The answer to that question is nobody knows where Dr. Death is hiding. One thing is for sure the Health Service has deteriorated; the number of lawsuits and mysterious deaths are on the rise under his watch. It’s obvious the health of this nation is not a priority to him.

She also asked where His Highness the Head of State. The answer to that question is P.M. Tuilaepa has bought him outright with the people’s money.

I agree also with her that all this happening in Samoa is because we are way over our head in debt and P.M. Tuilaepa doesn’t know where to get the money from to pay off his $1.5+ Billion loan. The list of things Ms Lei Sam talked about and questioning P.M. Tuilaepa goes on and on.

The answer to all the questions Ms Lei Sam asked is this - The man that is running this country, P.M. Tuilaepa, is a gambler. He is a poker man.

Now he’s gambling our country away to the Chinese. The people of Samoa have had enough. If these H.R.P.P. M.P.s do not do anything about this poker P.M. and his goons, and kick him out of govt, the people of Samoa will. 

He has raised his and his govt’s wages but when it comes to giving a raise to the doctors and nurses who service this nation, he turns cold and with a typical addict’s response, he says there’s no money. The taxpayers’ money only services him and his thugs – not the people.

Samoa is becoming a joke under P.M. Tuilaepa’s leadership. Yes P.M. Tuilaepa is a joke. You have chosen to put your greed over the lives of this nation and as long as the Health Service is a failure, so are you!

Mehabel Raguel

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