They should pay their taxes

Dear Editor,

Re: Why the govt shouldn’t tax Ministers 

It is written... “ FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD...”

We All know that Warning From God very well, right Dr Pitapola?

Our faifeaus must know that Warning as well. (i hope).

We have people who are desperate for water everyday. The same people who have been blinded by the truth that their faifeaus must pay taxes in order for them to have water. 

They cannot speak up or have enough understanding to know that their faifeaus must give money to Tuilaepa in order for them to have water because they are afraid of their faifeaus and their corrupted ways.

Even though it is written...”I hate corruption...” God warns.

A matai gets his lafo, like pig, money, iekoga etc...right? 

Come Sunday, they give some of that money and food to the faifeau, right? 

And that is love or TAX from the matai and his families to the faifeau, agree?

So Who Does the faifeau share that money with? he should pay his tax in order for that money to go around.

And If the faifeau says it’s for God...then he is a liar and robber and worse the faifeau is playing God.

Because we all know God is nowhere to be seen on Earth, right Dr Pitapola J Ala’ilima?

And they are not sending that money to Heaven. 

It’s in his bank account and not paying taxes.

Now Dr Pitapola, if you were in God’s shoes. 

Would you say to the faifeau to pay his tax so the poor can have water or to the poor to give his water to the faifeau for him to have a clean bath while he is thirsty?

But truth is Dr Pitapola...First, God will tell you to take your shoes off, like what He did to Prophet Moses...then He will make you run...faster like the soldier who ran to tell King David, his son is dead.

It is Written...

“ If you say, you love God you have never seen and not help your brother who is thirsty,  then you are a liar and an enemy of God...”

Government was set up by God before priests. 

It means, no one is above The Law including faifeaus. 

All who earn an income must pay taxes.

Are faifeaus earning an income?

When Jesus was here, He paid taxes so are the prophets.

Are faifeaus greater than Jesus and the prophets.

Jesus said to one of His Disciples. 

“But so that we may not offend them, 

go to the lake and throw out your line.

Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. 

Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”

Faifeaus are under Tuilaepa and his Government Not the other way.

Samoa people must be educated about this truth.

Faifeaus are not above The Government.

It is Written...

“Everyone must Submit himself to The Governing Authorities, for there is No Authority except that which God Has Established. The Authorities that Exist have been Established by God.”


Faifeau Must Obey The Government.

Remember, God created Taxes so that it will help those who are rich and those who are poor. And also those who love God and those who Don’t.

Now my question for you Doctor...

If you believe that Government is above faifeau, as it is written. 

Then why do you believe faifeau should not pay taxes?

Is it because they are diagreeing with God’s Word,

Or Don’t like Tuilaepa whom God raised up to rule Samoa today? Truth-hurts


Ben Valelei.

The Messenger From Zion.

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