An institution in the Police

Dear Editor,

Re: PM denies letters 

Well, well, well ... and the hits just keep rolling. I mean, where do I start? 

When you have an intuition, you have an intuition. It’s a figure off speech. I heard it in the movies somewhere.

Here’s to the young officers’ who are speaking out against corruption. Your oath is to a principle, to protect and serve the people not some corrupt assistant commissioner or inspector or the minister or any entity of office. 

My compliments, in the courage it took for you and a few others to reveal the dealings of evil that’s contaminating the good work of the honest few.

This letter now makes the Ombudsman’s findings looks like used toilet paper. His report looks like cheap pocket change by an investigator trying to rent a sports car without a chequebook. Clearly, he has no feel of the place, no apathy for what’s right other then to satisfy a popular feel of the day. To write something because he was asked to.

A politicians’ view. Only playing it to himself and what he’s taking from it other then the principles of common good. 

This reminds me of the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in the recent US Presidential election. He knew the right thing but was too comfortable with the present, corrupt, status quo that he decided to sit on the fence just incase the bad guys win. 

My advise to you Mr. Ombudsman, be wary of your legacy. The one thing that you’re gonna leave behind for your children. Were you part of the team that brought about the fight for transparency and goodwill among our people or were you a Paul Ryan?

I’m holding you to a higher place of accountability then a simple corrupt police officer because you were given much discretion. 

You started this. You thought your report was just a slap in the hand of the Police Chief and everything will go away having done your petty justice, not knowing that you’ve opened a can of worms and left it in your office for everyone to smell. 

That young police officer has more conscience then you. 

He has more will to bring about the truth then you ever did in that complicated report you wrote with all the authority of the world at your disposition, only to give the green light to the bad guys to continue their crusade of evil, corrupt stampede of reason and good judgment.

One can feel the honesty in that letter. 

The simple, yearning for help.

I know it. It’s called intuition. 

The knowledge of the unseen.

The knowledge of reason.

God gifted us all with that ability to discern, because we were all made into his own image. 

Stop hiding behind that petty little box of legalism that’s defining and limiting your ability to create an avalanche of goodwill, and limiting our people from the advances of the fruits of a good and a clear governance, society.



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