Of guns, the police and Samoa

Dear Editor,

In response to your invitation to a Public Debate on the Issue of Safer and Peaceful Samoa with armed Policemen in their raids under dangerous circumstance, appeared in the November 26, Issue of the Saturday Observer, and here is my humble contribution.  


Firstly, fifty three years of Genuine Peace prevailing all the time, in The Independent State of Samoa, without an  Armed Police Force , or, a Military  Marine Corps,  lurking over, and watching  the safety,  of Samoan Matai  Governed  Villages  and the whole Country of Samoa:  is the envy of any Society or any Independent State in our World today; because in every Village throughout Samoa, governed by the Council of Matai in accordance to the Samoan Venerated Culture, Customs and Traditions:  Guns are prohibited and banned  all the time.  

So, the Safety and Peaceful Independent Government of Samoa, from the U.N. Trusteeship Council, and the United Nations Organization in 1962, was operating peacefully, all this time, for more than five decades; because of the respectful strength of this Samoan Culture, whereby, the appearing of guns at any time, is an affront, and a highly disrespectful act in the presence of Matai Cultured Council in deliberation, in every Village throughout Samoa at any day.  

Secondly, The U.N. Daring Solution Introduced for the first time;  to guarantee the prevention of a future  World War from ever happening; since the United Nations Organization was founded and developed from  1945;  by vesting in The  Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council,  Authority to Declare  World War, ONLY, by reaching a Unanimous Decision for Declaring a World War; and essentially,  all these Permanent  Five Members States, have equal voices and equal rights, on every issue, that logically, or promptly  leads ultimately to a Declaration of a World War. 

It simply means, that each Permanent Member of the U.N. Security Council is vested with a Veto Vote; and each one of them, can cast that Veto, on any Issue, to prevent any possibility of a Unanimous Decision, that might lead to a Declaration of a World War by the U.N. Security Council.

Thirdly, it is now 71 years since the end of World War ll, in 1945. And between World War 1, and World War ll, not even 20 years passed, before World War ll GUNS were in full blast.  

Even though, after World War l, the League of Nations was established to prevent any future World War; but it failed miserably to prevent World War ll from happening.   Why? 

There was no Security Council, vested with a preventing mechanism, of making decision only by absolute or reaching a 100% consensus agreement first, before all Five Permanent Members States, of the UN Security Council decided, to declare a World War; and Each Permanent  Member, has been allocated, an absolute equal Voice and equal Right, protected all the time. 

In the Charter of the United Nations.  With the absence of this equality of Voice and Right protected every time, all decision making Organs, of all Forms of Democracy, and  all  Forms of  Democratic Governance in existence  in the  world today, except Samoa, is  but a euphemism for  the tyranny  of the privileged FEW, who are Rich, Well Educated, and occupied Well Influenced  Positions  in all form of Democracies Governing our World today; and which all the so called Western Democracy form of Government,  that are in  existence  in reality today,  are for  sure come to exist mainly  for the  protection all the time,  of the Selfish Interest of the Privileged  FEW,  of  not even 1% of the Population of every Country of the World; and that is why, each and every  Democratic Government  of today, needs and requires the necessity of having  Armed Police Forces and  Military Establishments, to protect their selfishly acquired Privileged Positions, and accumulated acquired  Financial Gains and Wealth, in all these Democracies in existence in  today’s World,  except, the Independent Matai Democratic State of Samoa, in the South Pacific; it is a Credit, to the present  MATAI  Prime Minister:   HON. TUILAEPA,  Fatialofa, Auelua,  Lupesoliai,   Naioti,  AIONO  SA’ILELE MALIELEGAOI, for his Courage with his Cabinet, to approve on Thursday afternoon 24/11/16, The POLICE  PORTFOLIO  to return to be under,  THE PRIME MINISTER of SAMOA; because, the Executive Authority, and the Guns Authority  of the Independent State of Samoa, is Ultimately  Vested in the MATAI TAMAAIGA , The HEAD OF STATE OF SAMOA; WHO, BY A  UNANIMOUS  DECISION TAKEN,  AT A SESSION, OF THE 15TH PARLIAMENT,  AND  WITHOUT A BALLOT BY ALL  MATAI MEMEBERS OF PARLIMENT, ELECTING   BY CONSUS, THE PARAMOUNT MATAI, TUIATUA TUPUA TAMASESE EFI, AS HIS  HIGHNESS,  THE HEAD OF STATE,  IN HIS PRESENT SECOND FIVE YEAR TERM.

Thirdly, GUNS and any form of Conventional or Nuclear Powered Arms, is high time now, for all Members of the Matai Parliament of Samoa, of this 16th Parliament; for the Samoa Matai Democracy, to passed a Constitutional Amendment Act, to prohibit and ban all the Guns, and all forms of Conventional and Nuclear Powered Weapons from ever entering The Soil and The Economic Zone, of the Independent State of Samoa now, and forever. 

Fourthly, the Country and the Independent State of Samoa is founded on THE One Living God of Samoa, TAGA LOA  LAGI;  who is THE THREE in ONE DEVINE LIVING GOD, THE FARTHER,  and JESUS CHRIST,  HIS ONLY  SON,  and HIS  HOLY SPIRIT,  which is: THE ONE GOD OF CHRISTIANITY, that was brought to Sa Moa, (the Sacred Origin) ,  and accepted by the  SAMOAN  MATAI, IN VILLAGES throughout SAMOA,  in the 19th Century;  and All TO GETHE with, the CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING MECHANISM, of the Matai Councils in all Villages and Aiga in Samoa; HAVE ALWAYS:  GUARANTEED,  the SAFETY of every Samoan Citizen in the past 53 years; and WOULLD HAVE ALWAYS  GUARANTEED,  the Bright  Future of GENUINE PEACE PREVAILING, All Time,  in  the Whole Life of Peoples of the  Matai Independent State of Samoa in the South Pacific Region. 

Fifthly, look at every Government in every Country of our World today; Military Guns and Armed Police Forces, have never guaranteed the safety in any of these Societies in our modern time. We all see,  know, and experiencing, in visiting and livening in all other advanced and developed Democratic Countries of the Western World, in Europe, and the Americas,   in our life time, in the last sixty years; and we are blind if could not come to a conclusion, that  Guns:  could only imposed  Peace in all human Societies that are relied upon their  fire and fury powers to keep the peace in the past, present and the future; and Guns alone, will never bring safety and  genuine  peace to  any human Society in the future, without the heavy burden of financial costs and untold human life losses: Hence, the famous Mao Tse Tung  coinage, that  “All Political  Power emanates from the Barrel of the GUN !”  

And Sixthly, In the meantime, and in brief: Keep Guns away from Samoa Police Force; and only under extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances, would a Prime Minister ever render, an advise to the Head of State, to allow the use of Guns by Samoan Police Force; and in the IMPOSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCE, like, Fiji ever takes a moves to take over Samoa; which is the most ridiculous probability, and an impossibility. Why?  Because, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa, are all Sons and Daughters of TAGA LOA LAGI; and so are all Sons and Daughters of all other Islands of the Pacific Ocean, ALA MOANA!



O, Le Tagaloa, Leota Tama, Sauafatu,  Dr. Pitapola  Apogaleveleve  John. Ala’ilima.

O Nuu o Sili, Vaiala-Gautavi i Savaii; Salani, Salesatele, Vaimoso, ma Alafua i Upolu; ma Nuu o Fagatogo , ma Iliili, i Tutuila. 

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