Money woes the biggest challenge

By Ulimasao Fata 20 January 2018, 12:00AM

The biggest struggle people are facing today in Samoa is the lack of money.

Apaula Maoga, 58, from the village of Leusoali’i attributes this to the lack of jobs and the low incomes people make when they do find work.

Only one person in her family has a formal job.

“Our family is struggling in terms of money because only one person in our family who works supports us financially,” she said.

“Everything here in Samoa is all about money, paying for the water as well as the electricity and then our food.

“We also need money when it comes to supporting village obligations as well as family obligations and then church.”

Mrs. Maoga was having lunch at her house when the Village Voice team met her yesterday afternoon.

She said her family heavily depends on their plantation for survival.

“Basically we sell most of the crops here on our land like bananas and taro to earn us money to support our family.

“We also sell some of the fruits here to earn extra cash.”

Life is really hard nowadays in Samoa, said Mrs. Maoga.

“Nothing in Samoa today comes easy because the reality nowadays if you don’t work you will be in a bad situation.

“Cost of living is very high now in Samoa and on top of that we have so much to support within our families and our villages.”

Mrs. Maoga also mentioned some family issues erupt because of the lack of finaces in the family.

“To be honest, some families have experienced violence like the father beating the wife or parents beating the kids because of not having enough money.

“So I think that’s the problem faced today by most families because of poverty and not having enough money to support families.”

Mrs. Maoga added the beginning of the new school year is another season of expenses.

“Back to school is near and that’s another expense for families, not only their registeration fees, but their uniforms, lunch money and stationaries.

“We need to have enough money to prepare our kids, especially we have five children in school this year, with two at tertiary level.”

By Ulimasao Fata 20 January 2018, 12:00AM
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