P.M. Tuilaepa’s reign or God’s reign

Dear Editor

It is quite often in social media people express the extent of their knowledge concerning their understanding about a certain topic. 

It’s quite normal for one to express such hideous naïve view against another if its not concerning them. This time, the far most popular topic is the tax versus the decision by the C.C.C.S. annual general meeting outcome to maintain their stance opposing the taxation placed on the people’s donation. 

I am a born E.F.K.S. and have to say I am proud of E.F.K.S. teachings, values and principles. 

I may also stand by with its decision made by the majority of E.F.K.S. representative which not only represent the voice of the people and the true nature of how democracy should be like. 

On the other hand I am quite sad with the Prime Minister’s poor judgment and lack of insight with his approach against the tax issue and E.F.K.S. 

As always he belittles or vaai maualalo to most matai and village of the country and this time he is using the law to threaten the E.F.K.S. pastors. It is quite obvious that God looks after those who fear him. 

P.M. should consider and take a step back and take a breather while looking at our country. 

The recent incident at Salelologa and Salelavalu and how there is no comment yet from Prime Minister but I remember he put and tore down the credibility of Luatuanuu chiefs when they blocked the road and how he immediately close all opportunities for anyone from Luatuanu’u to travel overseas under the government labor scheme.  

Like everything else in our P.M.’s reign we have new looks and skyline buildings and a perfect example of a modern society to paint a good picture for the outside world. 

However, families are struggling to cope with the cost of living, the gap between the rich and poor expands. We see almost every day in the Observer series of articles ‘Village voice’ the prime example of our society today. 

Like everything else, the P.M. always says that he does not know why our rugby teams aren’t performing up to the expected standards when they already have the best coaches and equipment’s to train? 

Well the answer is simple; God is punishing us because of P.M’s lack of judgment and forgetting that God is the source of everything. It is God’s will that should be feared not Tuilaepa’s will.


Fagaiva Vai Utta

Pure Samoan child

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