Think a minute…A bank in New York City sent flowers to another bank that had relocated to a new building. But there was a mix-up at the flower shop and the card that was sent had this note: “With our deepest sympathy”. 

The florist was so embarrassed that she apologized for her mistake. 

Then she felt even worse when she realized that the card to the bank was sent instead to a funeral. That card read: “Congratulations on your new location!” You can imagine the surprise of the dead person’s family when they read that card!

All joking aside, that is actually an accurate way to describe what happens when we die. While we are alive here, our body is just our temporary house. Doctors say that after we reach the age of 25, our body begins to deteriorate and slowly die. 

Our hair turning gray or falling out altogether, wrinkles in our skin and the many other changes in our body, are all signs that our aging house is falling apart and eventually crumbles into the ground, “dust to dust”. 

Absolutely no one escapes and gets out of this life alive.  

But when our body dies we just change locations and move to our permanent home. 

Jesus clearly taught that we each are an eternal soul and person who never dies. So for example: Would you rather be happy and safe for 60 seconds or 60 years? This is only a tiny comparison of our extremely short, quick life here compared to our everlasting life of millions of years after our body dies. 

Jesus lovingly explained and warned us that there are only two locations where we will live after we die: heaven or hell. 

But that choice is ours now while we still have time here in this location. Whether or not we choose now to daily live our Creator’s way in a loving, right relationship with Him determines our everlasting life and home. Remember, Jesus said hell is so unimaginably painful and terrifying that He came to do everything He could to forgive and save us from suffering there forever.

If we choose heaven, we need to once and for all ask Jesus for His gift of forgiveness for all our sins and wrong living. 

Then we must ask Him to take charge of our new life with Him. Jesus said that is how we can start living His way each day here in our temporary location—and forever with Him in our permanent location. 

If your life ended today, do you have complete certainty where you would relocate? Will you bet your everlasting life on it? 

Just think a minute…

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