Station acknowledges God’s faithfulness

By Vatapuia Maiava 02 August 2016, 12:00AM

It has been one year since Samoa’s Christian community rejoiced in the reopening of one of the most effective tools for ministry; the Laufou Radio station.

Those affiliated with the station gathered at the Laufou headquarters at Mulinu’u on Saturday to celebrate the station’s first birthday.

The station which is under the leadership of Youth for Christ (Y.F.C.) re-opened 12 months ago guided by their mission statement ‘Reaching Samoa for Christ’.

Although fairly young, the Christian radio station experienced major highlights over their first year of running and they hope to continue improving as they continue to grow.

Highlights of the year was the fixing of a broken transmitter up at Afiamalu which substantially extended their reach and the second being the introduction of new programmes along with training by an overseas team.

Project Manager Tuloa Aniseko Ioane spoke about the effectiveness of the station.

“The radio is a really good tool because you can always reach people through rallies or one on one evangelism but a radio can reach a wider audience,” he said.

“We have different sets of programmes to cater to every age group; we even have programmes for other Pacific Islands; so having this tool is very useful.”

But according to Tuloa, they wish to reach more of Samoa.

“The main aim is to try reaching the rest of Samoa,” he said.

“We want to reach the south of Samoa but the mountainous area is a problem, we are also trying to extend our coverage for Savai’i.

“We also want to do more training because our staff members are just volunteers; we also want improve our programmes.”

Chair of the Y.F.C. Board, Leota Kosi Latu is extremely thankful and feels that it is truly a blessing to the people of Samoa.

“We praise God and thank God for reaching this milestone,” he said.

“Without him I wouldn’t be talking to you right now; so we are celebrating the faithfulness of God today, that’s what it’s all about.

“Many people had written off whether Laufou would ever be re-opened but 12 months ago God opened the door for Laufou so we just give the Lord thanks and praise for his faithfulness; it wasn’t easy because these things cost money.

“The morale of the ministry was down and it was kind of difficult to lift the spirit of the people when things like this happen but you know we thank God for his faithfulness.”

Leota’s only wish for the Radio station is for it to keep growing to new levels.

“Our plan for Laufou is to just keep it going from strength to strength,” he said.

“Also we have a lot of new leaders we will train and we will continue Y.F.C. to a new level; we’ve been through a very tough patch the last decade or so but God is always faithful.

“Whatever God starts he always finishes; if something dies then it’s not because of God, it’s because of man so we thank God for his faithfulness and his goodness.”

Leota concluded with a brief message to the people of Samoa.

“God is alive, he is miraculous and he is faithful,” he said.

“I just hope that when we say that God is the foundation of our nation that we truly mean it; we talk about it but it needs to be part of the fabric of Samoa’s society in a sense that God needs to be seen living in us and through us; that’s what’s missing.

“Today is a celebration and we give thanks to the Lord for the 12 months Laufou has served Samoa and we look forward to seeing it run for a long time.”

The Y.F.C’s National Praise Festival is scheduled to kick off today.

By Vatapuia Maiava 02 August 2016, 12:00AM

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