A water tank will do

By Aruna Lolani 24 August 2017, 12:00AM

Anovale Aiono of Fasito’o uta has a simple need Water.

The 56-year-old mother told the Village Voice that living without water is one of the hardest things their family puts up with every single day. 

“Honestly, we are not connected to the government’s tap water,” she said. 

“You might wonder why are we not doing anything about it at the moment but that’s because my son is the only one providing for our family financially.”  

Anovale told the Village Voice they have loving neighbors. 

“Lucky for us, our next door neighbor supplies us with water because they have their own tap.”

“So we just use whatever bottles we can get to store water every day,” she said. Anovale’s daily job is to fill her wheelbarrow with the bottles and then head on to her neighbors house. 

Two years ago, Anovale’s family moved from the coastal area to their family land up at the forestry area.

Her children are still staying at one of their relatives home in the inner area to make things easier when finding transportation for school and work.

“We knew the challenges we’d face if we moved, but it was something our family had to do was to build our own home and raise our family, away from everyone.” 

“Also we needed to work the lands for a living,” said Anovale. 

“I also believe this place is the future of my children and even though we are struggling, especially the lack of water; this is our home and we are not going anywhere, despite these challenges.”

Anovale doesn’t have access to electricity but they want to focus on their water situation first.

“A kerosene lamp gets us through the night and we don’t worry about food.  But the lack of water in our main problem and like everyone we need it…. and it’s the one thing we don’t have.” 

Anovale said aside from food, they also need water for the facilities. 

“We have handed in our paperwork to the authorities for help.” 

According to Anovale the proper paper work was handed into the Water Authorities however they have been told to do the leg work first.  

“And the water authorities said the road needs to be dug up first because that’s where the water pipes are located and until that has been done; then there’s a possibility that they (Water Authorities) can install a water system for us.”

“So we are still waiting and that’s why we need help with a water tank for the meantime.”

If you want to donate a water tank for Anovale Aiono of Fasitoo uta, please contact her on 7270016.

By Aruna Lolani 24 August 2017, 12:00AM
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