Samoa’s current political predicament

Dear Editor,

Re: Politics today 

Again the people have no choice but to put a majority of H.R.P.P in power that will never vote against the PM because of that pathetic election rule that allows 5 H.R.P.P people to run in one district. 

This ensures the P.M. stays in power no matter what the people want. It’s this rule that makes Samoa a dictatorship just like China. 

You can vote but you have no choice in who you vote for. Also for your information PS Jeffrey, both a presidential system and a parliamentary system have their pros and cons. 

Because of party discipline a parliamentary system can more easily turn into a dictatorship than a presidential system. A president must negotiate with all members in the houses. Look at the US right now as an example. 

Trump can’t get anything through because there is no party discipline. Use Samoa as an example of a dictatorship because all the PM has to do is make up rules that no other parliamentary system has like the one I mentioned and he gets to be a dictator for as many years as he wants. 

In a parliamentary system the party picks the leader and a person may vote for a H.R.P.P member because they like that person but they actually may hate the Leader of the party but once that person gets in they are forced to do the bidding of the PM not their constituent. This is not the case with a congressman or a senator. 

They can make descisions based on what their constituents want. Just look at republicans that are not supporting the trumpcare bill because it would hurt their constituents.

You can argue that in a parliamentary system if they get a free vote they can vote with their constituents but this is always the PMs call and if you vote in a way the PM doesn’t like good luck ever getting a cabinet position and making the big bucks. In a presidential system the houses elect their leaders and committee members. 

It’s way easier to turn a parliamentary system into a dictatorship than it is to turn a presidential system into one because if you have a majority in a parliamentary system you can pass any law you want unopposed, especially if you leave education up to the churches and the majority of your public doesn’t have the adequate education to understand a parliamentary system. 

He manipulates his continuous power in many ways PS Jeffrey. The only time a parliamentary system works fairly is if there is a minority government and your PM has made sure this will not happen. So stop talking all your usual rubbish.


Wendy Wonder

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