Sa Tevaga’s daily struggles

Sa Tevaga, a mother of two needs help. 

The family from Aleisa has not had water and electricity for eight years and she knows the struggle of living without these basic utilities. 

“I know it’s so hard for people to believe our situation because it’s 2017 and nowadays everything is modernized,” she said. 

“Sadly, that does not apply to my family.” 

“We don’t have water and no electricity.” 

“Fetching water is a daily chore for our family and it’s tiring.... it takes up most of our time.” 

The frustrated mother said the lack of water and electricity is not the only issues her family faces. 

“And on top of that we have to deal with the poor roads that we have. We rely on our vehicles to do the heavy part of fetching water but in our Village we cannot do that because our access road is in a horrible condition.” 

“We have to park on the hills and walk to the water pipes to get our water…. I mean, if it’s not one thing it’s another and I feel hopeless the government is not doing their job,” Sa told the Village Voice. 

The mother in her plea for help said: “We can live life without electricity but we cannot live without water.” The woman also told the Village Voice, that not having stable water supply is a health hazard for her children. 

“We have to boil our water as I’m concerned about the health of my children as there are all these diseases from drinking contaminated water so aside, from fetching it, I have to boil it.” 

“I am not complaining about my motherly duties, I am just asking for some help here from the government and the appropriate ministries to consider connecting the families in Aleisa to government water.” Sa told the Village Voice that its been eight years, they have endured this and hopes the government will step in to help.” 

“We have submitted several requests for water connection to our house, but only empty promises.” 

“For now, we are using gallons to store our water for our everyday needs, but it would be nice if we could have a water tank, like a big one,” Sa says and smiles. 

The mother reiterated the importance of having stable water supply. “Again we can live without electricity; however for the sake of my children we need stable water.” 

“I know that electricity is needed but if I had to choose between water and electricity, I prefer water because we depend on it.” 

Apart from water and electricity predicament, the mother of two says: “life is good, but water is our main issue.”

If you want to help Sa please contact #7727225

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