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Re: A soap made in Samoa

This case has drawn my inquisitive attention to its high stakes of power house maneuvering of legal wrangling and showcasing the law at its best.

It can be made a Perry Mason episode out of it to try and figure out what's at stake and how important this case is to Samoa and its problems going forward.

But before I make any outlandish assumptions that you might think I'm famous for in this forum, I'd like to invite my friend Steve to come on board and take a shot at this case to see if our thoughts and ideas may correlate.

Like minded think alike and as I read an article that Steve wrote earlier this week, I was at awe of how he beautifully and systematically outlined his research and facts together to bring out the truth to the readers with pinpoint accuracy of how money can influence evil in this society.

I have formulated my argument already however, the jigsaw puzzle haven't been molded yet. There is still some parts missing, I'm pretty sure it will reveal its self as the case progresses in the future.

For the record, I'm not a Counsel of that sort nor in the legal profession but I may say I'm a truth seeker of wisdom and knowledge not from the worldly academic view with intelligence but by the wisdom keeper of self taught and learning and drawing heavily from the hermetic wisdom concept.

The concept of two polarities of good versus evil has been around for many many years ago. It was valid then and it's still valid today.

The law of cause and effect is the essence of wisdom of what you put in will equal of what will come out, in simple terms; what goes around must sure come around. So the question you might ask is. Who is right and who is wrong? Is it just a little scrimmage or is it something bigger that appears to be on the surface? But of great consequences if justice does not serve. I'm not a fan of the system, but that's all we have for now.

So consequently, I will not divulge of what I think I know of this case but for one thing I know is that this case is very important to Samoa going forward.

If they're tapping into the so called best Lawyers to defend and prosecute the case, then you know that there's a lot more to it then what was previously assumed.


Leituala Roger B

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