Provide us with proof and statistics about marijuana use

Dear Editor,

I wish to reply to Samoa Observer’s publication of Iuni Sapolu and her hope for the legalisation of Marijuana in Samoa. E manaia lou mana’o ae lavelave ma tele ona aafiaga.

I disagree with your wish on many levels and I am also unclear to the real basis of your wish and claims. But I wish for you Unasa Iuni to give us some statistics and practical budget estimation or forecast of government savings if we legalise marijuana. Now did N.Z., Australia or even U.S.A. have any economic effect since their legalization of marijuana, if any?

I want you Unasa to give us stats and do a research about the real need by our people to use marijuana for medicinal purpose. How many people in this country that really need marijuana for medicinal purposes other than inmates? 

What does the Health department say about the need for medicinal purpose? 

Is it a must in Samoa?

 Then cross reference that to some stats from those countries who went through this legalization process and their Heath department experienced? 

What were health benefits and health need in those countries? And do we have the same type of needs?

Gives us stats and proof that jail inmates in Samoa will be reduced if we legalise marijuana. 

I don’t think the population in California’s jails have been reduced since marijuana legalization has come to effect. 

I’m interested to see the experience of those countries you are referring to Unasa. 

E tatau foi ona manatua o Samoa o se atunuu laititi e faigata ona control nei ituaiga mataupu. You can’t automatically assume what is good in California system with more than 4 million population to be readily acceptable or safe and sound here in Samoa…masalo ai ua akili solo ai i kua olaga o kupulaga o na atunuu.

And please Unasa Iuni Sapolu give us stats, research and proof that all those addiction-related problems you mentioned will be eradicated completely if we legalise marijuana. 

I think there will always be a problem in this country faced by our youth and it will probably escalate to worse cases if we introduce marijuana. Ua akili ai ga kele faafikauli.

Please Unasa don’t just predict and cast baseless hopes and analysis without solid proof. If you can answer those questions with solid proof then we the people of Samoa will believe you. 

In the meantime I honestly think there are other priorities and more pressing problems that need much attention than allowing people to get high. 

Pei a ua kakau ga siaki oe pe le o e high.



Fale J Galuefa.

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