Mind your own business

Dear Editor,

Re: Misa stands by Rev. Soanai

The Chairman of the E.F.K.S. Tautiaga is in his village Matautu. Tautiaga is also the Director for the Aana District of the E.F.K.S. 

Tautiaga is Matautu’s Feagaiga or Spiritual Father. Why are Anae and Matautu Village putting their noses in Si’ufaga’s business? 

Leave Si’ufaga Village and Opapo alone to deal with their own situation with the Elders Committee. Opapo knows well and he understands the E.F.K.S’s regulations. 

Anae thinks he rules and can control the Falelatai Village, and he is brewing hatred within the Elders Committee towards Opapo. 

Going to the media with such words of fiapoto does not help Opapo’s case. 

My advice for Opapo, you are a man of God, accept the Elders decision, leave the Siufaga Church. I’m sure the Lord won’t forget you and the sufferings you are facing. He will raise you and restore you and your family. 

For Anae, speak for your own church and village of Matautu. You have to understand that, you have no status at all to speak on behalf of Falelatai. 

If the Elders are referring to the E.F.K.S. constitution and regulations for their decision making on Opapo, I am also telling you to lower yourself and look into the Foundations of Falelatai. 

You are dragging the whole of Falelatai with your high-mindedness. ‘Aua ete soona lafo upu ua peisea’i o oe e ona Falelatai. Alu e teu lelei lou tootoo i te’i ua toe ta ai lou ulu e seisi.


L. Leilua

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