Chrissy plans surprise visit to Venise

By Ilia L. Likou 27 February 2017, 12:00AM

A young lady from America, Chrissy Mueller has opened up about how excited she is to have located her Samoan friend, Venise.

Two weeks ago, Chrissy walked into the Samoa Observer with her story of her hopes of finding her Samoan friend, Venise after 26 years.

Last week, she reported back that she’s finally going to ‘get to see her’.

She said that many of Venise’s family contacted her when they read the online article in the Samoa Observer.

“There were her daughters, sons, granddaughters, nephews and nieces, including some her grandchildren who used to play with me when Venise came to look after my brothers, my sister, and me.” she said.

“They have already offered me so much love and warmth, welcoming me with open arms (even if only over the phone) back to Samoa. 

“I am very happy .... I will get the chance to meet many of her nieces, nephews, and grandchildren in New Zealand. 

“I am feeling very grateful and quite blessed.

“I am very excited I’ll get to see Venise in New Zealand sometime during the week of the 6th of March.

She is currently in the process of changing her plane ticket so that she can arrive a couple of days early to spend time with Venise and her family. 

“To be honest, I am so excited to get to see her and her family again,” she said.

“My family back in the States is also very excited that I will get to see her and they are sending their loving regards with me. 

“It's amazing that this was all part of my plans.  

“I was only six months old when my family moved to Samoa,” she said

“During our time here, my family hired a beautiful Samoan woman, to help my mother take care of my two brothers, my sister and me, and her name was Venise.

“So I came back 26 years later, hoping to find this wonderful woman and thank her for the support and love that she offered my family.

She went on to say that “I have spent the past four months studying and travelling around the world ( India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and now Samoa) to connect to some of the pieces of my past,” said Chrissy. 

“This journey has been inspired by both my search for my purpose in this life time and to help find healing for myself and my family on a very deep level. 

“Returning to Samoa, where I spent some of the most foundational years of my life, and being able to connect again with Venise, is truly a gift.”

Venise’s family and Chrissy are trying to keep this as a surprise for her.

“I have not yet spoken with Venise because her family has informed me that they would like to make my visit to New Zealand a surprise for her. 

“I have spoken with Lupe, her daughter and Johnnie, her son as well as one of her grandsons who is here in Samoa. 

“I am just amazed at how many people actually remember my family and are so excited to see me. 

“I have a feeling that my sense of family will be much, much bigger after leaving Samoa and New Zealand.”

By Ilia L. Likou 27 February 2017, 12:00AM

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