Blessed with a gift to teach

By Vatapuia Maiava 06 October 2016, 12:00AM

Teachers play a critical role in the villages. 

They teach the future of the country and when done right, maybe even the nation’s future leaders.

With yesterday being a day of celebration for teachers, Ane Augafa, from the village of Gagaifo Lefaga spoke about how important her role is in the lives of the children.

Aged 42, Ane says her role as a teacher at Gagaifo Lefaga primary school is true blessing for her.

“The only weapon we have is prayer and the trust in the Lord,” she told the Village Voice.

“I have been working as a teacher for about 20 years now and I see this job as an everyday blessing for me.

“The job we have here is very important, as a primary school our duty is to prepare many children for when they make their way up to college levels.

“If done right then our students will make it through with their education and then they will be able to bless their families and village.”

According to Ane, her job is one of her priorities due to its importance.

“For me, this job is of top priority,” she said.

“I don’t focus on the issues I have with this job, I only see it as my service to the children and to the people of this village.

“The thing is, if we work with love and with the aim to serve others then we will help so many children for their future we will make sure they won’t have any problems.”

Ane also expressed how important it is for any school to be united.

“Right now we have unity in our school,” she said.

“We teachers work together as one to make sure everything goes right, we see it like this; if we do well today then that should be the same answer tomorrow.

“We have an understanding that if we don’t work together as one then there will be many problems. But as of now everything is going well for us teachers out here through the love and goodness of the Lord.”

But just like any other job, being a teacher comes with its own set of problems.

“For almost every type of job there will always be problems,” Ane said.

“But the only way through any problem is to leave it all to the Lord who is the source of all strength for our every day work.”

Furthermore, Ane says that the village families are very helpful with getting their children the most out of their education.

“The parents in the village help out a lot with our work,” she said.

“I say this because the children will go home and they always make them do their homework which shows the support the parents have for their children’s’ education and future.

“To conclude I would like to wish all the students of Samoa a good education and a great day tomorrow.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 06 October 2016, 12:00AM

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