Tuala Enari called home

By Sarafina Sanerivi 31 January 2017, 12:00AM

The nation and the legal fraternity in Samoa are mourning the loss of a prominent lawyer and a great pioneer.

It follows the passing of Tuala Karanita Loveni Enari, who lost his battle with cancer on Monday evening at his home at Fuisa’a Vaiala.

He was 75.

Tuala is survived by his wife, Lyne Isobelle Enari and their three children, Tuifuisa’a Loveni Enari, Polamalama Bryan Enari and Alaimalo Falefatu Enari. 

Tuala was born on the 12 March 1941 to his parents Tuala Tamalelagi Punefu Enari and Lesaoa’i Iosefa Enari. 

He had roots in the villages of Nofoali’i, Vaiala, Lepa, Safune and Sataua.

The family spokesperson, Auelua Taito Samuelu Enari described Tuala as a “committed, practical and a family man.”

“Tuala was a man of not many words,” said Auelua. “He was not talkative but he was a very practical man. He was very committed, and was a family person.

“Tuala loved his family and especially the children; but not just his children, he treated all the other children in his family as his own.”

Auelua said Tuala had a passion to develop sports as pathway to a better future for young Samoans.

 “He invested a lot in sports and gave a lot to the community. He was a member of the Samoa Referees Association for a very long time and he also contributed a lot of time and money to support the Samoa Rugby Union. He loved sports and youth.” 

Auelua also remembered how Tuala used to offer his services as a lawyer for free for the youth who needed help.

“Sometimes, he would offer his service for free and then ask the youth to cut down the grass at the back of his house as a way of paying back his service.

“He always had a heart for helping and developing the youth of Samoa. One unique feature about him was that he would always help the people whom the community frowns upon. He was always there to help them out no matter where they came from or who they were.”

Tuala was also a critical man, said Auelua.  

“He loved debating; he used to start up debates just because he loved debating. But Tuala never liked getting people’s attention. He would always stay away from the limelight.”

Tuala had been battling long cancer before he was called home. 

 “He went back to New Zealand in November and he was told by the doctors during his checkups that he had cancer and it was spreading so fast.

“They told him it was impossible to treat it so he decided to come to Samoa. And so it hasn’t been a week since he arrived in Samoa and before he passed away.”

According to Auelua, Tuala went on a government scholarship in 1953 when he was only 12 years old. 

He studied at Timaru in New Zealand before he went on to study at the University of Victoria. He graduated from Law School in 1964. Tuala was the first scholarship student from the government to graduate from Law School in New Zealand. 

He then worked at the Ministry of External affairs in New Zealand, before he was sent to London by the government of New Zealand for six months. 

Tuala returned to Samoa and worked at the Prime Minister’s Office. 

He was Secretary to Government from 1967-1974. He was only 27 when he became Secretary to Government and was the youngest Head of Department at that time. 

He was Secretary to Government for three Prime Ministers in Samoa.  

He then practiced his law in Samoa and also had to work for the government most of the times.

Tuala was also selected as an Ambassador for Samoa to the UN in London, but he did not accept it because of family commitments. He was also a lawyer and legal advisor for the government of Nauru.

Tuala was also the President for the Samoa Referees Association for more than ten years. His family service will be held at the E.F.K.S Church at Vaiala on the Saturday, 28 of January at 3:00pm.

Tuala’s final services will be held on Tuesday, 31st of January. 

His body will be taken from Ligaliga and at 6:30am on Tuesday morning.

He will be laid at his home at Vini-fou until 10:00am for his final services at the E.F.K.S Church at Vaiala.

By Sarafina Sanerivi 31 January 2017, 12:00AM

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