“Run to your fear”

Think a minute…My younger son has always had a terrible fear of fast roller coasters. Those rides at amusement parks and fairs that zip around so fast that the people riding them scream the whole way. But recently, my son decided he was going to ride one no matter how afraid he was.

He forced himself to sit next to me on the roller coaster, and I could almost hear his heart beating and racing he was so scared. To tell you the truth, that roller coaster was almost too fast for me! When the ride was finally over and we were leaving, my son was so happy and proud of himself. He kept saying again and again: “Dad, I conquered my fear!” 

One of the important secrets to success and happiness, which many people don’t know, is that on the other side of our fear is a much better life for us. It’s only when we face and conquer our fears that we get past them and are free to reach our potential.

The great army general, George Patton, said: “Fear kills more people than death.” You see, death kills us only once, but fear kills us over and over again. “It’s better to face danger one time than to live in fear your whole life.” Our fears will just keep chasing us as long as we keep running from them. 

A wise man says: “Fear is a warning signal, not for us to close our eyes, but for us to open them wider, so we can face our fear head on to conquer and defeat it.” But if we keep closing our eyes to our fear so we can just stay in our comfort zone, then we’ll end up “buried alive in our comfort zone,” and never really live life to the fullest.

Someone said: “The biggest part of courage is having done it before.” Remember, there’s a first time for everything—whether it’s riding a bike, starting your own business, or public speaking.

There’s no greater feeling of accomplishment and success than running right at your fear and coming out on the other side of it, knowing you beat it. So for your own success and happiness, you can ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and take control of your life.

Then, when you know that God Himself is on your side, there’s absolutely no one or nothing to be afraid of. With His love and power inside, you can run right through your fears to the great life He has ready and waiting for you. Just Think a Minute…

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