The 100th annivesary of the visitation by the Immaculate Conception

Talofa once again Samoa and to you dear Editor,

Thirteenth September -13/09/2017, marks the 100th Anniversary of the fifth (5) visitation by the ‘Immaculate Conception’ [Forever Blessed Virgin Mother of God the Human Arch of the Covenant] the 3 children in Fatima with the last of the promised sixth (6) visitations, to commemorate its 100th Anniversary 13th October.

Our local Diocese will celebrate it with a Vigiual Mass at Mulinuu Peninsula (le Laumua atofaina aua le Faautuga-tagi a Samoa e afua mai i lona Palemene) and will ended it with a candle light possession from Mulinuu to the Mulivai Cathedral. 

The day - 100 years ago, a great miracle had documented occurred simply because God the Almighty Father (whom is the Law giver) decides to excuse the Laws of natural occurrence as widely promoted by some Scientist with their limited understanding borne of one’s unguided process of their ‘Brains’. Of course, not all Scientists are of that same stubbornness yet these Agnosticism and Atheism are sure having a scene amongst the trying faithful of our day and age.

Same thing happens when God Almighty’s timing had come to be fulfilled as documented ‘promised in the Holy Bible Genesis 3:15’ delivered by Archangel Gabriel to ‘the Virgin’ of Nazareth, Galilee. Thankfully ‘the Virgin’ had been humbled and faithfully enough to responded -that she is a simple handmaid of His, ‘let it be done onto her as he says’ (Luke 1:26-38). 

Well, there are still questions around this documented conversation by the concern ‘Mindless’ people -for they think too much with their ‘Brains’, of our times, believing that God never asked Mary but he simply forces himself onto her as he usually did!??

Well, I wonder how the National Council of Churches (NCC) fathers of our times may take on such understanding. Most certainly my dear brother Sailele and his 100% Matai Samoa Parliamentarian group would disagree with such silly argument, ae a Sailele? Also wonder how you my Matai brethrens [mainly to you the Tulatoa’s of Samoa -e pei ona iai ona tofiga i le usoga ‘Pule e ono’ i Salafai ma le ‘[toalima i] Tumua’ nei, tainane ‘To’oto’o o le Faleula’ ia te oe Tutuila ma Manua, [e ui lava ina outou finagalo tutumau e fia Amerika, pe faamata e le ole tatou taimi ea lenei e tatou te tutu faatasi ai e pei ona finagalo iai lo tatou Atua i lona taimi?] may wish to consider such notion? 

Oh come on! Don’t you tell me that you are still mad with me calling you –excuse my silliness, ‘Headless chickens’ –Belated Fathers Day Message, Samoa Observer issue 29/08 and Newsline issue 30/08. For it has already been 14+ sunset and sunrises. Remembering one of our Dear Savoir and Lord Christ Jesus ‘golden rule’ with regards, ‘”don’t allow your madness to remain with you beyond sunsets,” yet prepare ourselves for a NEW day to come at the fulfilment of the sun’s 24 hour cycle around the world’, right? Or am I sounded too Scientific now, lol!

Anyway I must say that the last 13th September was one of another revealing day to me personally regarding God’s will for his church. Most probably Emperor Constantinople -Dynasty of Christianity, had envision the same why it has documented in the Apostolic Creed of the First Council of Constantinople 381AD calling it –God’s Church, with four (4) words;

1. ONE -for it is a church by this ONE and only God, [I see our reluctant sister Wendy and her Atheist group got it wrong, thinking that we are talking of ‘man created god’s’ right Ueni?],

2. HOLY -for the One God we had in mind is the Holy of holy, [as Christ main wish for us during his time on earth, that we are to be Holy like his Father –our Father, is of all HOLINESS] 

3. CATHOLIC -for the church is meant for every LIVING BEING and Thingsexisted and alive in the Universe are included with the last one, 

4. APOSTOLIC -as its ‘fundamental teaching’ are perfectly interweave from the teaching of the Apostles’. [I know for sure, Mormonism teaches that somehow the concern apostolic teaching had been discontinued when the last Apostle got martyred]. 

Now with this last one #4, I wonder which Apostle the Mormonism are referring to for there was Apostle Matthias who replaced Judas the Iscariot that sold Christ Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver not to mention Saul Kiso -later known as, Apostle Paul whom once refer to himself ‘as the one born abnormally [le Atalii fanau le a’u] -1 Corinthians 15;8. Wondering still whether true/false that they are now telling us that the Almighty God’s established church by ‘Christ Jesus’ as documented in the Gospel of Mathew 16:13-20 is not worthy to be followed.

Well, unless Elder Meliula Fata [Area 70] can assure us that my concern understanding is not correct or most importantly that the Immaculate Conception notion (Mother of the TRINITY God) can be included in their teaching then I would recommend Mormonism to be left, as it is. 

Otherwise it should be stroked out of our lands list of ‘genuine’ church to be follow by our people, don’t you agree Your Honourable TUIAANA? Simply because our recent CHRISTIAN State bill signed by TUIATUA as recommended by our 100% Matai Samoa Parliamentary requires us to consider certain FACT’s, don’t you think NCC Reverend Chairman?

Anyway let’s get back to the Blessed and Forever Virgin Mother of God notion, I already expressed my dissatisfaction with how the concern Parliamentary Committee -In response to “We are living in a time of prophesy” Samoa Observer 24/06/2017 issue. Somehow I had been told that my friend Sailele had not accepted the Parliamentary Committee recommendation as discussed for he reckons the proposed amendment it is already ‘smelled Catholicism’. 

Well, I hope such attitude is not against me personally for definitely I smelt ‘wasted time and opportunity’ don’t you? Never the less ‘wasted time and opportunity’ seems to be the norm when Tupuola Efi disturbed the unique essences of our Samoan way [Faa-Samoa] composed Peace set out within our Country’s Constitution by becoming the first Prime Minister of our land outside of the Tama’aiga status quo.

Not to mention the belittling of the ‘Matai suffrage’ where the United Nation reluctantly allows our forefathers wish when granting our nations Independence. Polling by our people 1988 -perhaps similar to the one currently in request with regarding our Customary Land issue, allows the initiation of Universal suffrage in the 1991 general election. Yet now we know for sure we did not have to make such move as our lands Tranquillity is in-comparable to the whole wide world mainly due to our Samoan way and Faa-Matai definitely not of the overseas mind-set democratic notion, don’t you agree?

Anyhow will pen off this time by openly extend an invitation to you all my dear Samoan brethren [surely His Grace Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga would be happy of participation] to come all and join us on the 13th October 2017 planned Vigiual Mass commemorating such a memorable event in History. 

Should you wish for a reason to come then how about doing so as a token of your Love, in return of our Almighty God’s love and in unison as a Nation reiterating the Consecration of Samoa to the Feminine protection of the TRINITY God ‘Blessed Virgin Mother’ our Diocese had initiated back in 2010. 

Otherwise, do it for Christ Jesus Mother. Yes, that one he bestowed onto us all via his loved Apostle John under the foot of the cross before he died. For he sure loves her as his biological mother and surely you would not like anyone referring to your loving mother as a ‘blessed whore’, or do you?


Until next time we meet again! 

Too-o-le-Fua Leo’o M.F.M.M.M.P.

Atalii fanau le ‘au -o le Talalelei mai le ‘Aigai le Tai’

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