Politicians and what they do

Dear Editor  

We all know that politics is a career for people who are not fond of the truth.

These guys are professionals at what they do and over the years they’ve learnt that the media will rap today and tomorrow it’s different topic so they’ll a different story tomorrow on tomorrow’s issues because they know today’s issues are gonna flow under the bridge of troubled waters, tomorrow. 

They are playing the media and us of all with the only tool we have, public information.

Last week’s issues on colonialism, obesity, conflict of interest over the prison contract and now the it’s ok to tip but not to bribe for customs officers? 

These appear like distance memories in this week’s issues. How about that young boy who died in prison, an idiot he may have been but still someone else’s son?

The media is our only tool and maybe our own worst enemy as well in that important issues are like a fashion show, it’s here today and tomorrow it’s gone.

What if the media makes this issue of poverty as with those kids and families at the dumpster at Tafa’igata not to go away for say like two months. 

Every time a Cabinet Minister hops off the people’s 4WD put him on the spot, take a photo of him and put it next to the kids scrambling for food at the Tafa’igata dump yard. 

See how his family feels driving around the people’s 4WD free and all paid for with free petrol and the same people paying for their luxury life style are living like animals scrambling for food to stay alive.

The community can participate by sending in their own on the spot shots of our officials going dinner or to church on government vehicles and everything they do. Paint them on the wall. 

Compare their dinner menu to the options those kids are having and see if they can eat expired food and discarded goods that these members of the communities are eating. 

Who knows, maybe only then they will come to acknowledge that there is poverty in Samoa.



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