Putting things in perspective

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M’s attack on media 

Well, well, well. What an interesting subject. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I fully respecte all opinions on here. 

I’m not here to support the P.M. or anyone else. We are here to share. 

From my point of view:

1: The P.M. clearly said, the media should go to sit at the court, so they can hear everything. And to me, it’s a good idea and it’s the right place to find out all the truth from both sides of the story through the Court hearing.

2: It’s no sweeping under the carpet. All cases will be heard at the court, so still the media will publish them.

3: The P.M. see the tourists perspective, however the P.M. can’t control tourists decision to visit Samoa or NOT. Best example. After the 60 minutes TV show about the rape case all over the world. People thought there would be no tourists to come to Samoa anymore. Now what has happened? Tourists are still visiting.

4: It happens in every single country no matter how many incest and rape cases, people are still visiting.

5 Suspension of the police weekly press conference. It’s a good called to me. Because most of the cases from the police press conference is totally different story from the court. And we all know that. So to me I’d rather hear all the case from the court than the Police.

And I know it’s very easy for us to point the finger, ae faigata tele ona point to your ownself. 

Also rape and incest in Samoa has been happening from 100 years ago. How many rape and incest cases in villages and family are swept under the carpet to protect the family’s pride? Think about it.


Aiga Mativa

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