Elder shares his wisdom

By Ilia L. Likou 31 January 2017, 12:00AM

Be proactive and work harder.

This is the proclamation of Avamua Mata’u, 68 years of age from Faleula.

A father of thirteen children, he is concerned about the ever increasing costs of living.

“I have thirteen children and they’ve all grown up, I took them to school and even though it was really hard, I did my duty as a father,” he said.

“I told them to keep on going to school, there will come a day when life becomes difficult from the increasing cost of living.

“I think, I’m right we’re in those days where we have to buy one item for $10, when you hold a $100 it’s just like a $1.”

 “We all know the cost of living is killing us every day and eating all our sweat for just one day.”

“Like for example, you get paid today and  the very next day – all gone.”

With the increase of imported goods available Mr. Mata’u warns that people must rely on the land and its resources for food.  

 “Stop having too much fried chicken, fast food that could lead to many diseases.

“But eat cabbages, cucumbers and other vegetables that can easily grow on the land!”

He declared, “We don’t have to just pray and sit around, sleep then pray...we need to have faith in ourselves, that somewhere we can make a way out from the high cost of living.”

“Remember, faith works when we take actions, faith works when we get out of bed and find a job to pay for our children’s education.

“That’s the whole meaning of this life, we need to help ourselves first.

“Don’t you dare think that just lying on the bed will make a difference to your life,” he stated. 

Apart from the costly expenses, Mr. Mata’u is also concerned about the astonishing and growing misbehaviour of the youth.  

 “As you can see around now, many young people are on the road every day doing nothing.

“You know what happened? I blame the government on sparing the rod against them.”

“We shouldn’t have  allowed  that.   Now see what happens, many of those young ones on the road committing crimes, and  turn their backs on teachers especially their parents.

“They aren’t afraid anymore, they can do whatever they want to do.

“Now what, they’re creating a lot of problems today and we all know that.”

According to Mr. Mata’u the bold actions of the youth leave an uncertain future and one must carry on cautiously. 

“I’m not sure of tomorrow, but as a father I’m worried of what next after the high cost of living and the problems against young people of today.”

By Ilia L. Likou 31 January 2017, 12:00AM
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