It’s familyocracy

Dear Editor

Re: The man of the moment, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi!

With all due respect, it may be a case of accepting the failure of democracy in Samoa, in favour of a system that is not quite a dictatorship but an autocracy based on our own traditional model of the role and attainment of influence, through titles and property and the political power therein.

Let’s face it, democracy as practice, is untenable, it’s a failure in many parts of the developing and developed world. 

 It has been usurped by bureaucratic to-ing and fro-ing, a plethora of unnecessary laws and laws on laws, a machine that is leaking oil, money and time into the pockets of ministers and their gangs of staff...

Instead, I’d like to think of Samoa’s democracy as the evolution of a system to a state of fulfilling a collective need of a nation, for a ‘Pappy’ or a grand-father figure. 

Let’s call this new system, The Pappy state of democracy. 

It is the maturation of a combination of western democracy and traditional communism (fa’a Samoa). I suspect this is why China is so intrigued with this little island of ours, because we have actually evolved democracy into a fully realised form of Socialism! They’re taking notes. 

I’ve often marvelled at the cleverness of Hon. Pappy Tui, especially when he addresses his adoring public as his children, pure parental genius! 

Forget democracy, call it Familyocracy! 



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