Stop this verbal diarrhea

Dear Editor,

Re: I’m worried about Siumu 

What a load of rubbish from this man Tofaeono Joe Hollywood Tino’ai.

The foreign investors have nothing to do with scholarships or immigration.

Siumu’s decision, as well as Salelologa’s to ban foreign investors from setting up shop on their customary lands has nothing to do with the govt. The decision Siumu made to preserve and protect their customary lands for future generations and protect their village businesses in the process is the right decision.

Honestly I don’t think this man Hollywood Tinoa’i has a right to talk about Siumu’s affairs or anything else here in Samoa for that matter - He’s a wanted man and he knows why.

All this ban, ban rubbish you come up with will not happen at all and you know it. You are dirty because Siumu banned/ousted you from their village and you know why.

America, Australia and NZ are very happy with Siumu and Salelologa’s decisions. They know that the Chinese were up to no good in the Pacific region therefore they embrace the courage by the matai of these two villages for standing up for themselves.

Look at what happened to the lands once owned by the Aboriginals,

Maori, the American Indians, Papua New Guineans, Hawaiians etc and then you get to see why the decisions made by Salelologa and Siumu are the right ones.

Yes, Siumu and Salelologa can ban anyone from their customary lands but the govt and anyone else cannot ban Siumu and Salelologa from shopping in town, gaining scholarships or what they are rightfully entitled nor should they be discriminated against for their rightful decisions.

Kofaeogo Joe Hollywood Tinoa’i, I’m pretty sure you can come up with a better lie than this desperate dribble.

Stop the verbal diarrhea coming out of your mouth.


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