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Re: Hunt for international fugitive

A lot of people commented about this escaped prisoner turned international fugitive, Valufitu Fiu Uolilo, but we’re yet to hear his side of the story. 

Valufitu Fiu Uolilo is the prisoner who escaped from Tafaigata Prison and went to Australia without the authorities knowing about it.

Savai’i Secret Service (S.S.S.) was able to interview some of Valufitu Fiu Uolilo’s family members and they believe this young man is innocent and was set up by the police.

According to the family member, Valufitu Fiu Uolilo is a very good mechanic. Valufiti was arrested after he got involved in a fight with another man who started it and in which Valufitu used a mechanic’s tool to hit him with. It led to his arrest.

After he was arrested, Valufitu was told by the police to trust them and he would be all right. The police also told him that he didn’t need a lawyer. He believed the police at the time and put his trust in them. Valufitu ended up in court and in the end was found guilty and jailed.

The family believed that Valufitu Fiu Uolilo was set up by the police just so they could use him to fix police vehicles for free. Every morning, Valufitu would arrive at the Police workshop to fix the police vehicles whilst he was locked up at Tafaigata Prison – but most of the time he went home to his family.

Valufitu is married to an Australian girl. While all this was happening to Valufitu, his wife in Australia was applying for his permanent residency. When Valufitu received his Permanent Residency, instead of going to fix police vehicles at the Police workshop as he usually did every morning, he went to the airport and took a flight out to Australia.

I believe P.C. Egon is more interested in this fugitive Valufitu to find out more about the corruption within the police force than him coming back to do the time. Keep in mind, Valufitu escaped to Australia before P.C. Egon became the Police Commissioner. Not long after P.C. Egon was appointed, he looked into the case and found that there was something shonky about it.

Mebahel Raguel 

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