The Pearl From You

By Samoa Observer 27 February 2017, 12:00AM

by Lauiliu Joan Mataeliga

Strange, I felt

I saw something strange

I was tempted

I reached for it 

I held it 

Right in the palm of my hand

It was very smooth


I couldn’t let it go if I had to

I squeezed it

And it became mines

It was a pearl 

A pearl from you


Long ago I was fine

I could use anything I had to survive

It was very hard

But happiness was there

I was very proud of myself

I could breathe the fresh air

Feel the breeze 

Listen to the birds

And watch the wind 

Blew the leaves of huge trees

From side to side

I was fine


Life within one village was perfect

I can see my people

Living their lives

As they used to




And praying in circles

Counseling was present 

To govern 

To protect the society

It was perfect


Then I had something 

Very strange 

Given freely 

From you

The pearl

It was out of the ordinary

I wanted it so much

So much that it changes me

My ordinary being

No more


I developed new senses

New thoughts

I put them into action

And it was wonderful

I had built myself 

A city

Like one of those

Europeans types

I just couldn’t stop

I kept developing 

And now I am completely


A brand new me

All because of that 

One pearl

You gave me 


At sunset

I reflect on the changes

I made to my own self


To my old version

And from there

I discovered me 

Being shattered entirely

A total disaster

My beautiful self

Has been destroyed


I am sinking 

Losing my traditions

My ways of living

My methods

My culture

My heritage

Slowly fading 

Soon be gone

And no more


I am broken

I cried 

I screamed

But all I can hear 

Is my voice 


“You took the pearl”

“It made you, YOU”


At dawn

I discover a crack 

On the side of the pearl

It was broken

It wasn’t that wonderful


And slowly it changes

To dark black color

I stood there 


For couple of hours


And wishing

If only I hadn’t took it at the first place

I would still be me

Perfect and Happy


I am now a total stranger

Living in a strange city I developed 

A place I once called 

My home

Sheltered with an expensive roof

Unfamiliar to my own picture

Hanging on the wall

My pure soul

My free spirit

My beautiful being

No longer 

It was you

It was the Pearl 

From you 

By Samoa Observer 27 February 2017, 12:00AM

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