Know your enemy

Think a minute…In a war rule number one is you must know who you’re fighting. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time and energy fighting the wrong enemy. Our life’s daily struggles are like a battle.

But many times the enemy we’re fighting is right inside our own mind! Nothing can defeat and damage your life more than your own wrong thinking about yourself.  If you believe that you’re not smart or don’t have any special abilities, then you’ll never succeed in life because that’s just how you’ll live.

We become whatever we think we are—even if it’s not true to begin with. That’s why the Bible says:  “As a man thinks about himself, so is that man.” Your low self-confidence will limit and paralyze you. You may actually have many abilities, but if you don’t believe you have them, then you’ll never use them and benefit from them.

In zoos, a baby elephant is tied with a strong, thick chain to a big post. At first, the elephant pulls and tries to get free from the chain. But finally it gives up and stops trying.

After that, only a small, thin rope is needed to tie that big, powerful elephant down and stop it from moving far. The rest of its life, that elephant believes the lie and illusion that it’s too weak to break that little rope. 

You see, we all can become a bit like that elephant. If I let myself think and believe that I cannot go any further in life, even though it’s not true, then I won’t. That’s the power my own mind and wrong thinking about myself can have over my life.

Friend, if you realize that you’ve been holding yourself back from living the successful life God created you for—because of your own wrong thinking about yourself, your own fears and lack of self-confidence, you can change your mind about yourself today. Just ask Jesus Christ to take full charge of your thinking and way of living.

Jesus is the One Who can show you the abilities and potential He’s given you. He’ll give you the power to actually start changing and living your life to the fullest.   Just Think a Minute…

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