Samoa a breath of fresh air for Aussie tourist

There are a few firsts for Zahni Bluementhao-Macfarland on his trip to Samoa.

It’s his first time in the heart of the Pacific and it is also his first time in a Pacific island.

And with all firsts, he is naturally curious and excited about his latest discovery.

The Dear Tourist caught up with the young fella while he was absorbing as much as he could yesterday at the Samoa Tourism Authority’s Cultural Village. 

Zahni has been in Samoa for less than two weeks.

“This is my first time here in Samoa I came to visit a friend of mine who works at S.P.R.E.P,” he said.

“The Samoan culture is really cool and this is the first time I have been here. As a matter of fact this is the first Pacific island I have been to so it’s nice to get away from home and explore what’s out there.”

Since he arrived, he has been fascinated by the Samoan culture and how everyone here is so in tune with their traditions.

“It’s completely different from home which is a good thing because I also learn that we don’t have to surround ourselves with electronic stuff all the time,” he said.

“We need to embrace the natural beauty of things and life and that’s what I’ve been doing in this trip.”

The young man said he had learned a lot since he arrived.

“I have learned that Samoan people are actually simple people, they don’t need much I mean I know they have their own every day struggles but they don’t let it get to them,” he said.

“They enjoy what they have in their hands all they have to do is to be happy and enjoy life as it is. That’s something we don’t get back home.”

“We are so busy with our work that we never stop and embrace what we have, we don’t stop and say hi to our friends and families unless we have some special gatherings.”

“But here even if it’s a small house with a lot of people they help each other out. When one needs help everyone contributes to help that one person.”

He was able to take a trip to Manono Tai and for Mr. Macfarland it was amazing.

“The Samoan way of living is just simple,” he said.

“The food was great and the people were amazing they welcome you with open arms and the hospitality they show you is beyond what you had expected.”

“So I believe I have enjoyed this trip and especially for someone like me who has travelled for the first time in a country such as Samoa.”

“I’m glad I chose to come here because it has taught me to embrace what you have and don’t worry about tomorrow because we only get to live once so we need to enjoy it while we can.”

“I will definitely recommend Samoa to my friends and families back home and when I go back I will be saving up again to come back because there is still so much that I need to see here.”

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