What “Samoa First” means

Dear Editor

There is nothing wrong with the name of the new party. 

Rugby has nothing to do with the name of the party. How did halfback and number 9 got to be discussed here?

I thought the old man that is the P.M. of Samoa should understand what Samoa First means. It does not mean ‘first five’ as you referred to in rugby. 

It does not mean to be the first one to do something as you mentioned that H.R.P.P. ‘did many firsts for Samoa’. 

What the new party’s name means, those in leadership positions will put the interests and concerns of the ‘people of Samoa’ first and foremost. 

They will put the needs of the hard working people and their families first. It means that the leaders will listen to the voice of the people of Samoa, men, women and children. 

They look up and look outwards to improve services and find ways to help the people of Samoa. It means helping the Samoan people with their roads, their farms, their business, their education, their hospitals, their police protection and justice system, public services etc, etc. 

They need leaders who invest their time and their expertise and resources helping people of our country ‘first’. 

Under the H.R.P.P., the people of Samoa had been asking for help but you Mr. P.M. haven’t listened. You have been looking after your own people first.

Samoa First means giving and wisely using overseas donations for the benefit of the country, not in your bank account. 

It means paying our rugby players and athletes who represent our country first. Our athletes are the lowest paid people in the world and some of them are not even paid for their services to the country. 

It means keeping promises you make to the people of Samoa. 

It means speaking kind words of encouragement to those who represent our country instead of boosting your own selfish ego and calling people names when they do not win. 

Samoa first means protect and fight for our lands instead of giving them to Chinese business people. 

Mr. P.M., Samoa First and not China First as you had been doing. It means free press and freedom of speech. It means love your God with all your might, mind and soul. 

It means love your neighbor just like you love your family. It means change of leadership from dictatorship to democracy and understand what it truly means e ‘Fa’avae i le Atua Samoa’. 

Samoa, you need to stand up and let your voices be heard. Stop being afraid of this bully that thinks he has been in power for so long and therefore has the right to dictate your lives. 

Vote for a new leader that will put you and your family and your children first. Vote for those who believe what it means ‘Samoa First.’


Mauga Tuioti

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