God, science and evolution

Dear Editor,

Re: What evolution?

Wendy Wonder, the science in use to explain evolution is based on assumptions and predetermined ideas and that’s how they can draw a picture from a 10 cm piece of bone.

It’s a figment of their imagination but it’s universally accepted because that’s what intellectuals and scientists have decided to put through the curriculum.

Just like how we were taught in school about Christopher Columbus being the first person to discover America even though there were well established and advanced native people living there. Some of the methods used by these science people also like carbon dating does have it’s flaws so we are forced to believe this science based on the interpretations of a selected few but that’s my opinion.

There is mention of big lizards or behemoth creatures in the Bible believe or not, even myths and legends of some European and Asian cultures do mention the existence of dragons but somehow they are relegated to the realm of fantasy land while the modern concept of dinosaur is pushed through mainstream media as an accepted fact.

Even the Loch Ness Monster should be called a water lizard instead of dinosaur.

In the Bible, God gave man dominion over everything on earth and modern concept of food chain can testify to that. Everything has a purpose and place on the food chain even enzymes, bacteria, germs etc.

Only when they are not in their natural environment that they will be a danger to man...think HIV, Ebola etc.

Something closer to home, when the wolf was eliminated from the Yellowstone National Park, the environment suffered immensely because the top predator that helps control the population of other animals in the park which are mainly herbivores exploded and wrecked the environment. 

They reintroduced the wolf not so long ago and nature is in balance again. 

It’s always the actions of man that leads to the demise and destruction of nature. It’s the reason why the big lizards perished in the great flood. In modern times, the industrial revolution may have improved our living standards but look at the destruction it’s causing to nature and other civilizations?

What I’m saying here is that there is evidence of “intelligent design” everywhere you decide to look. The existence of nature to support humans is an intelligent concept if we can put it that way.

Even the simple cell used as a starting point in the evolution theory is not exactly simple....it is a complex structure which can never survive an extreme event such as the Big Bang. When we are in tune with nature, we flourish and that’s something evolution theory will never be able to explain.

If things just pop up out of thin air, I don’t think we will ever have a harmonious relationship with nature. We are able to survive because man is on the top of the food chain or as the Bible says.

God gave man dominion over everything but we just have to exercise better judgement.

That’s my two sene from a different perspective.


Le Mafa P.

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