Leave God alone, start being honest

Dear Editor

My God, what a bunch of gobbledygook from Leo’o Fonoti M.M.M.M.P. By the way, what stupidity is all those M’s about in a name?

All I was suggesting in my note that you quoted in your editorial was a few cameras and for people to start turning in the thieves.

By the way, where we live is far from perfect, we just happen to live in one of the many peaceful, nonviolent and theft free areas in Australia, and we also just happen to have a jail not far away.  

There are plenty of safe and peaceful havens all round the world and we have lived in, or just stayed for a while in many. The way Leo’o is talking, he can’t believe such places exist and that is not only sad, but perhaps shows how bad Samoa has become. God or no god.

We might not necessarily believe in God the way the scripture sprouting Samoans do but we know full well the difference between right and wrong.

People like Leo’o need to remember that God can’t do things for you unless you do it for yourselves. Your scriptures say “he will get help that helps himself” or some such thing. Not to mention, Thou shalt not steal – under no circumstances!

“Make Samoa Safe and Good For All.”

Leave God alone for crying out loud. Some reality and citizen action is what’s needed. Honesty does not come from God, it comes from within. I think Samoans need to stop using God as an excuse. It’s not working and I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate his name being used in vain.

Looking at Samoa, I just get so sick and tired of hearing what God says and what God might do or not, and all the scripture freaks sprouting off quotes. 

The poor, the old folks who get attacked and the victims are our concern and we hope, with your guidance we may be able to help them some day. 



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