Life lessons from Aele resident

Never give up because you have the courage for not only what you’re doing but a lot more than you think. 

That’s the advice from Logo Alosio, a 48 year old father from the village of Aele when Village Voice caught up with him while he was walking to get food from the shop yesterday.

At first he said  he doesn’t have it all but he says he had gone through some challenges, whether it’s finding money or whatever he has to deal with in life. 

“Nothing is hard if we trust ourselves. He said. 

“I have three children; all of them are working to provide for our family. 

“Personally while they were young, it was very hard to raise a family no matter how much energy you put into it you just couldn’t help it. 

“The cost of living makes it very hard for everyone to raise their own families.

“But what else can we do? We can’t just let other people provide for us and our family, we work things out and do it any way we can. 

But thank God He was able to answer our prayers to make everything easier for us. 

“You see back in the days, our plantation was the only source of income. 

“We sold some crops to the market and sometimes walked around the village but for now children have got jobs to work for our daily needs as well as the usual matters. 

Aside from staying home and waiting for the children’s payday I help out with the family chores of making food, doing washing and other work around the house. 

Logo believes that his blessings (the children’s jobs) are from the hands of his work. 

“Knowing what you do is for your loved ones is a real blessings for me. 

“You struggle first and then are blessed later.

He went on to say everything in his family is well organized and also their access to both water and power.  

“It is such blessing to realize that every struggle, every stress, and every pain you went through all counts. 

“Like i say the work you do will always come back to you, but sometimes people don’t realize just how doing hard work is the answer if you never give up and keep on moving forward. 

Logo’s  lessons in life he wanted to share with you is that work doesn’t repay you with anymore struggles, it comes back to you with love and peace.

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