Still the same

What do I say?

When I have no words

What do I do?

When I’m so unsure

What am I?

When I can’t be me

What can I do?

When nothing makes sense

What will happen?

When I’m to tense

What does it mean?

When I can’t be free

What is the cause?

When I feel the result

What lies ahead?

When my path is on halt

What am I?

Am I ‘me’?

I am who I am

I live and I love

I hate and I cry

Even when life shoves

I love what I am

But I’m afraid

Afraid of what’s to come

I don’t want to change

I don’t want this to be done

Yet I hate being afraid

Is this who l am?


I am more then what I appear

I love cold nights and superheroes

I live for music and moments of victory

And waiting for something to come as I count to zero

I dream of better things and places

Where I’m stronger than superman


I’m no different then you

I have passions in my life

I wish on stars just for fun

These are the secrets I can’t hide

But the one that no one knows

Is that I wish to be nothing more, than what I am


Life is hard; that is a truth we all know.  What makes things harder is when people start trying to be something there not; to be something that doesn’t fit who they are.  And in a world like today, hiding what we are or over stepping our bonds is the new trend.

There are two different types of people in this worlds; the kind that put on an act or try to do things that are not what we were designed to do and the kind that hide from who they are.

For me, I think I was the shy and submissive type.  Sometimes I think, “Maybe I shouldn’t say this or that” and “maybe I shouldn’t do that” and “I can’t do that.”  What I was doing was selling myself short of what I was.  I should have been confident in being who I am and not care about the result of being myself.  And that is my message/advice this time.

By not being who we are we sell our selves short or deprive the world of great people.  We are who we are and that should amount to something; that should mean something.  We are not mistakes, we are not mess ups, we are not better than anyone else, we are not lesser than anyone else, and we are not set up to fail.  We are here to be ourselves and no one else, so let us be who we are and whether or not you know who you are or your purpose it doesn’t matter.  That’s what life is for; find out our place and changing the world while we stay the same.

So be who you are, love what you are, share who you are, don’t hide it and soon you’ll see that you’ve grown and changed for the better while staying the same.

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