Mother could do with water tank

By Aruna Lolani 19 September 2017, 12:00AM

Utu Fa’aifo, of Faleasi’u-uta, could do with some help.

Speaking to the Village Voice team yesterday, the 49-year-old said a water tank would make a huge difference for her family.

“I need help with the water supply for my whole family,” she tells the Village Voice.

Utu is the mother of three children and only one works to support the family.

“We only have one gallon that we store water in. We get our water from families in the neighbourhood.

 “This has always been the solution for us who do not have running water of our own. If not that; then the rain is another option. Well that’s if it rains anyway.”

Like most families in the area, the government’s water scheme is not accessible to Utu and her family.

“We have been staying here for a long time. I recalled back then; all of us here didn’t have any tap water or water tanks so what we do is, we fetch water from the village river. That’s located in the inner area which is far away. 

“It’s easy to spot though because it’s on the main road by the ocean.

“That’s how it was but I think with the distribution of water by using a bamboo piping is how some families came to have access to water but unfortunately we are not one of them. It doesn’t work well for some of us because of the areas we are based at.

“I have five people in my family who all use water from just one gallon and that’s why I humbly request for a water tank to store enough for them.

She added “We even had some programmes here before donating water tanks but only a few families were lucky to receive one.

“Our names have been on the list of so many programmes but by the time they got to us, they said there’s no more left.”

If you want to donate a water tank or help out Utu’s situation, please contact her on 7753984.

By Aruna Lolani 19 September 2017, 12:00AM

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